Howdy.  My plan to write everyday in March–unannounced b/c I didn’t really think I’d pull it off–has, in fact, failed.  But today I’m trying to keep from reading any of the crap that ramps up my anxiety–earthquakes, tidal waves, nuclear disaster, general hatefulness and fear activated by uncertain economic times leading to denial of basic civil rights and compassionate aid across the board…Breathe.  breathe.  So I’ll produce content instead of reading it.

Hey, chickens make me happy!  All eight of my gals are laying now, meaning I get eight eggs a day.  No, you can’t have any.  I still have to buy from the store now and again, we eat a lot of eggs.  I moved them under the porch for the winter which means that when you are in my bathroom, you can hear them in the coop.  esp. if there’s an egg being laid.. bok bok BOK BOK!!  It seems surprising each time.  And fairly unpleasant.

Guess What?

Chicken butt.

That’s Blanche.  She’s my favorite.  She’d happily follow me around all day as she finds everything I do FASCINATING.  And really, who better to judge than a chicken?  She’s a Cuckoo Maran and lays dark brown eggs.

That’s Edith.  She’s our smallest, fastest chicken.  So if you plan to race them, put your money on her.  Not literally, though, b/c one of the other chickens will eat your money.  They are shockingly undiscerning.  She is the only one that lays white eggs. She’s a Crevecour.  The roosters have a devil-horn comb that is awesome.


That’s Dolly.  Isn’t she pretty?  She lays blue-green eggs.  She’s one of two Ameracaunas I got.  But the other one, Polly, turned out to be a Paulie and had to go live at a tree farm.

That’s Pearl, Blanche, and either Dottie or Eleanor.  Pearl is a White Orpington, which means she has a cute fluffy butt.  Dottie and Eleanor are Black Australorps and I can’t tell which is which.  They all lay brown eggs.


That pretty brown one on the left is Fran, she’s a Partridge Rock.  That’s Sylvia in the foreground, she’s a Black Cochin and has feathers on her feet.  Then there’s Blanche, Dolly, One of the Australorps, and Pearl.

The contented noises that they make are deeply soothing.  We do have a fox around, and I”m hoping he never wises up to how easy it would be to get at them if he just put in a little effort.  Last summer, I had a big playpen that I let them into every day so that they could get fresh grass.  It was made of PVC and was easy to move around. But once the fall winds kicked up, it was smashed to bits.  So I need to decide if I’m going to go with easy to construct but has to be replaced every year or make something sturdier.  And more difficult.  Or, just let them range and take my chances…