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I’m just going to jump in here with a post only 2 or 3 of you will care about b/c if I try to write the ones that are burbling in my head, I’ll give up and never write.  So maybe if I go with trivial, I’ll come back later and post pics of the kids and talk about winter and stuff like that.

So.  A good Goodwill day!  I went in to try to get a crockpot made by Hamilton Beach, since theirs might not leak as much lead as the Rivals apparently do.  Grr.   Also looked for curtains for my bedroom to stop the arctic winds that whistle through my windows.  The windows on the side of the house have shutters that I’ve closed, but the West-facing are still coooold.  No dice there, either.  BUT I was also looking for cheap leather or suede so that I can make some shoes.  Oh yes, you heard me.  And there, I scored!

and if I take it apart, no one can ever wear it!

I’m currently taking out the lacing and making big flat pieces of suede.  eight bucks!  And I can get at least two pairs out of this.  I’m going to make them out of wool first, then the leather… More as that develops.

But then!  On my way out, I spied a vintage Diane von Furstenberg clutch coat!  In my size!  Woo!  Ten dollars.  FAR more than I ever spend on anything at Goodwill, but c’mon.

Peggy shows it off:

It’s far cooler than I am, frankly.  If I knew how to find the Williamsburg hipster that would pay me $200 for it, it would be out of here in a hot minute.  But until then, I get to pretend I’m chic.

Also, cashmere sweater for 4 dollars.  I love you, Goodwill.


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