Okay, I’m typing this entry on my phone while Ben and Lily get hair cuts. I started dinner before we left, have to hope it will be edible when we return. Steve will pick up Julianna from her last play rehearsal tonight. Tomorrow night, she’ll perform in the show and then go straight to the synagogue where she has a role in the service. Then Saturday morning she has her bat mitzvah (apparently one says “becomes a bat mitzvah” but I think we can agree that is a bit odd) followed by the party for 60ish people (number attending, not age of attendees, although some of them are that, too). On Sunday, she has a pack goat hike (assuming they get a goat restraint quorum,of course). Oh, and science fair projects were due today. AND at some point in this madness, we’re suposed to pick up chicks (“cheep cheep” not “I’m SO drunk!).

So yeah. Stressful. I dreamed last night that I was planning Julianna’s wedding. She was pregnant and was so sad. I was broken hearted for her and deeply confused because I didn’t even know she had a boyfriend. I woke up totally wired and couldn’t shake it. Please send Xanax.

Yesterday, I wasted most of my day looking for a blouse to match a skirt I have. I started at the mall, bless my heart, but of course there was nothing that was one of the right colors, not puffy sleeved, and not ruffled. I noticed that the mall really doesnt have anything between Charlotte Russe and Alfred Dunner. So I went to Ann Taylor, Coldwater Creek, and Chicos which were more age appropriate but still nothing. Finally, while getting shoes for the kids (actual holes in Bens soles. Like a cartoon hobo), I popped into Burlington Coat Factory, which never has anything, and found a good dress. Twenty bucks. And not even as wildly Betty Draper as I was leaning. Nothing brings out the New England WASP in me like a Jewish ceremony…

Flowers are bought, playlist is made, catering arranged. And now my thumbs hurt. See you on the other side.