I went to pick up Lily at her class the other day and all her little buddies were there grinning at me with about 10 teeth among the 5 of them.  I snapped a pic at a birthday party this weekend.

The first rule of Lower Elementary Fight Club: don’t talk about Lower Elementary Fight club.  Talk only about puppies and kittens.

Friday, we had an Earth Day fair at the school.  I was supposed to have a table at which I could display info about Goodness Gracious (the birthday party biz), but the day before the fair, the school governing council told the fair organizer that I wouldn’t be allowed to promote a business on school grounds.  WhatEVER.  So I just helped kids make stuff out of trash.  Julianna and Dani model some lovely newspaper hats:

On Saturday, I went on a hike with a new women’s hiking group that formed here.  We took a 3.3 mile hike that was all either up or down–a good work out, but not grueling.  On that hike, I saw a lizard that was turned into a tree.  Or a tree that was turning into a lizard:

Later that day, I went to our neighborhood’s Day in the Park, where Lily gave me her balloon…thing.

We are in the full-on throes of spring business, trying to plant a garden, prepare for chickens, plan and execute a bat mitzvah, make bags, and get this blasted party biz off the ground.  So chances are good that I’ll post more than usual.