First, we need a snaggletooth update:

And there’s another loose one.  Poor child will be on soup.  Fingers crossed for those guys coming in nice and straight.  We’ve been lucky so far. Knock knock.

In the bubble cave she created in Grandma’s jacuzzi tub last time we were there:

This boy could use a haircut:

And, as promised, photos from the play.

The did Once on This Island,  billed as a retelling of The Little Mermaid (the grim Hans Christian Andersen version, not the one with singing crabs) set in the French Antilles.  It won a lot of awards, so I can only assume that the Jr. version eliminated the stuff that made it make sense and not be annoying.  To be fair: the kids did a terrific job.  It really was one of the best productions we’ve seen at the school, polished, great costumes, good directing, etc.  But I was not a fan of the show itself.  Ostensibly the message was “love is stronger than anything, including death” but really it seemed to be “stick to your own kind or you will die.”  Thanks Anita.

Julianna was Papa Ge, the god of Death, main antagonist in our story.  She offers the heroine the life of a boy in exchange for her own.  And then, when she cannot have the boy, tell her she can have her life back if she kills him.  In other words, Julianna’s favorite part in the show.  She was great, really relishing the role and taking control of the stage when she was on it.  She was worried, b/c singing is not her thing, but no one knew she was anything but confident.   I was proud of how well she was able to push it down and get on with the show.  Some photos:

She wasn’t all that amused when we told her she looked like Slash.
Hangin’ with the the Pantheon
In full makeup after the show

Check out the cool flowers.  I went into the flower shop downtown (En Masse, for you Frederick Folk) and told them that I needed kind of cool, spikey weird flowers for the god of Death.

So anyway, that’s over.  She starts rehearsals for the next play on Tuesday.  Sheesh.