I have a teenager now!  Julianna turned 13 on Thursday and so far, so good, but she’s hardly been home since then.  She had her play performance Thursday night, so I didn’t see her until 8 that night.  Then Friday was the Cast B performance and then cast party, so I didn’t see her until 9:30 that night.  And yesterday she went to play paintball with a bunch of the drama kids at a friend’s house, followed by a bonfire, so I didn’t see her until 9 that night.  So it’s been pretty easy.  What are all you people complaining about?

She's the only one that looks anything like me.


Oh, so fun to dress...

It's good to be the first child, with unlimited art supplies and a huge, sunny playroom.

Bumper crop of fennel that year...

Wearing the birthday hat and rocking her new NomNom bag. Get yours at sixgables.com

I’ll post pics from the play in a separate post…

In other season-changing news, we’ve got our False Spring.  It’s technically Spring now, and it sure feels springy, but I’m sure we’ll get one more cold snap.  I ordered my seeds yesterday and it was so weird to think that I’ll need to start my tomatoes and melons/squashes before planting.  It feels like direct-sowing weather.  I will put in the sugar snap peas today, though.  Maybe some greens, too.

I’m optimistically planting melons and squashes again.  The squash bug infestation wiped out a whole, lovely crop a couple of years ago.  Any non-chemical tips for avoiding those suckers are welcome.  I’m thinking of planting on landscape cloth this year.  Thoughts?  It was so hard to limit my seed buying.  It all looks so good right now, but I need to remember how uninterested in it all I feel in late July.  And also how CHEAP some things are at the market in the late summer.  No need to grow beets if the farmers are practically shoving them into my arms.  Here’s what I’m planning so far:

3 kinds of tomato–one a good canner, one a good eater, and a cherry.

Ground cherry

french green beans

some dried beans from last year’s harvest, not sure which ones, but definitely the black and the purple.

corn–I have crap luck with corn, but I’m going to try a minature blue corn, some popcorn, and an ornamental with gorgeous multi-hued leaves.

cukes–a standard cuke and the French cornichon/gherkin cuke

squash–I just ordered one kind, a good keeper, and hoping the bugs don’t eat it.

melon–one musk melon variety and two watermelon

bell peppers

black cumin–turns out my beloved nigella is of the cumin family.  I’ll plant more.

standard herbs


some cutting flowers–straw flowers, globe amaranth, asters, zinnias, etc.

Now I need to get that garden plot tilled up and get to planning…