Ahhhh, sun!  The air was filled with the sounds and smells of melting snow today.  I know that in college, the first day over 40 degrees got a lot of sunbathers.  I wonder if they pitched their lawn chairs on the remaining snowbanks and cranked up the Bob Marley today?  No longer in college, I went out for a walk in a fleece and a bucket hat like I was a 70 year old Asian woman.  Then I sat on the back porch in the sun and ate pistachios.  The sun felt good on my skin.  It’s only a matter of time until we get real spring.  This is the Spring Preview; usually there’s another cold snap in March, often with snow.  But there’s no heart in it.  Winter has given up.

Here’s a sign that’s by my front door:

I really feel like “Craytor of Clud” would make a good fantasy hero.

Things the kids have made:

Julianna had to make a doll to go with a biography she’d read.  She made Frida Kahlo:

Ben made (with my help) a Link costume (Legend of Zelda game, for those non-geeks out there):

And Lily made a totem pole of paper: