So if you pmp when you lol, have we got an event for you!  Apparently Poise pads is promoting itself through a “Ladies Who Laugh” home party…you sign up to, as far as I can tell, make your friends laugh so hard they pee themselves–on video–and then convince them to buy Poise pads?

From the site:

If selected as a host, you’ll receive a FREE “Laugh Box”, which includes:

  • Handheld digital camcorder, for host
  • Costumes and accessories to help in creating your funny videos
  • One month Netflix® gift certificate
  • 10 Poise® sample kits including 1 Poise® Liner, 1 Poise® Long Liner, 1 Poise® Ultra Thin Pad

I didn’t think anything could seem more horrible than one of those “naughty” lingerie home parties, but I was mistaken.

What sort of costumes, do you think?  Surely something HIlarious to induce in-the-pants-pee.  Accessories include rubber sheets and kegelcizors.  I get that lots of women have a bit of a “leakage” problem, particularly after having kids (not *I*, kegel-queen that I was), and sure, let’s not be all shaming about it…but a home party?  really?

One host will win a trip to Chicago to see a concert by “a top recording artist.”  Guesses?

Peete Seeger is probably out…Weezer, maybe? I’m sure it’s a Number One selling artist. Dont’ groan, urine no position to judge me.