The baby pigs arrived!  Their names are Liesl and Louisa, from (obviously) a Sound of Music-named litter.  They were rescued from a hoarder.  She had a ridiculous number of pigs, all crammed into too-crowded-too-small cages.  Guinea pigs need lots of room, more than they can get in any cage sold in a pet store.  And they can’t use exercise balls or wheels, so they need space in which they can run about full-tilt.    When you give them that room, you get treated to “popcorning”–pigs leaping into the air w/a little skateboard twist.  These girls are grey and white, with rather long noses, and ears all chewed up from their grim former circumstances.  I imagine they’re much happier to just have one another now, and we’re happy to get to snuggle them.

Our OWN pigs, Gypsy and Rosie, it must be noted, are immortal.  That’s another thing to consider when thinking about guinea pigs as pets.  These aren’t 2-years-and-you’re-out pets.  5-7 years.  YEARS, people.  Years of shovelling poop, changing bedding, chopping veg, and having hay all over the floor.  Don’t get them if that doesn’t sound acceptable.  Wicked cute though they are,  there is a definite mess and hassle factor that is not to be ignored.  So, to sum: they take up a huge amount of space (at least a 2′ x 4′ space), require hay which gets everywhere, poop non-stop, and live forever.  But looook:

They really are sweet and good for snuggling.  And funny.  And they get VERY excited if they think there are carrots coming.  So go clear a spot for some.  You didn’t need that couch, right?