So this morning, Steve called from CA and asked if the roads were clear. I said “Yeah, I heard the snow plows last night around 10, I think.”  And I did. But what I failed to notice was that the plows did not actually go past my house.  This morning, Ben wanted to go down the street to play with Wolfgang.  Wolfgang’s mom said “Are you okay with him walking up here alone?”  And I said, “Sure, he can walk in the road, there’s not likely to be much traffic.”  “Um, have you been out yet?” she asked.  Well, I agreed to walk with him or at least go out to keep an eye on him…And the road was totally covered with snow and drifts as deep as 6 or 7 feet.

Lily had gone out a bit before and poked her head in to shout “Can I sled on the road?  Ms. Marjorie is watching us!”  I figured they were just coasting down the road plow piles onto the road.  No, they were SLEDDING IN THE ROAD.

View from the top of the sledding drift. That's our "road."

Facing the other way up the street

A few hours later, most of the road was at least passable, but as of now (around 4:45 pm), the sledding hill was still mostly there.  Someone with a bobcat dug out part of it, but it is still there.  Because the fire station is at one end of the road and a nursing home is at the other, we usually get plowed quickly.  But it’s going to take heavy equipment to get through and the whole county is under a State of Emergency b/c major highways are still blocked.  So who knows when we’ll get out.  AND they’re calling for more snow next week.  Which is nice.

So here are some more photos, enjoy since you don’t have to shovel it and can get more eggs whenever you like:

Front yard. See Ben on the 10 foot high drift in the corner of our yard?

Our awesome neighbor snowblowed (blew?) around my van...for all the good it does me

Giant drift in front of Wolfgang's house

Turns out Saabs can't actually tunnel out on their own. A neighbor's car

Looking north up Jefferson Blvd

Julianna took this one, up not sure where it is

We're playing a lot of Settlers of Catan.