There’s a lot of snow.  There was a lot of snow already when it started snowing yesterday.  And now it’s dark and as far as I know it’s STILL snowing.  And blowing.  We were watching snow devils blow up off the drift/pile on the back porch.  As long as our power stays on, this is an inconvenience that will lead to a back breaking amount of shoveling.  As long as the power stays on.  I’m hoping that the high winds will blow the snow off the trees but will not blow the trees over.  They have a good 3-4 foot snow base, so maybe that will help.

I bundled up and stepped outside to take some photos.  It was COLD.  The bits of my face that were sticking out felt like they’d fall off.  The wind around back, the valley side, nearly blew me over.  I’m looking forward to seeing what it looks like when it’s all over.  But for now, here’s what we’ve got:

That’s the front porch.  The steps are…gone.  It just looks like you can walk straight off the porch to the bushes.  Another view:

The wind was blowing so hard, the icicles grew on a slant:

The snow on the garage roof is up to the porch rail…

And down in the garden, the snow is up to the chicken coop roof.  Luckily, there are no chickens within.

After the last snow, I’d shoveled off the porch that is off Ben’s room and is also the roof of my bedroom.  I heaved most of the snow down and a lot of it landed on the back porch.  And then more snow fell, and blew, and now we have a mountain:

It’s like South Mountain snuck up on us and is squatting on the deck.

Needless to say, school is cancelled for the week.  And they have Monday off for President’s Day.  But if it looks like they can’t open on Tuesday, I assure you all the district needs to do is put out the call and a brigade of minivans with snowplows and wild-eyed moms with shovels will be there.  We’ll dig it out with our hands if we have to.

I’m increasingly convinced that The Shining was a documentary.