Ben is TEN.  Seriously.  I know, it seems ridiculous, but it’s true.  I now have two kids in double digits, which means I’m well on my way to having a houseful of teenagers.  Way to stress about the future, Deana.  thanks!

In spite of the fact that I’m ostensibly starting a children’s birthday party business, I continue to throw the lowest-key parties I can get away with.  Ben wanted to play laser tag for this one, so we had five of his friends meet us at Adventure Park (local cross between Chuck E Cheese and an amusement park) for all-you-can-play laser tag on Friday night.  I managed to successfully lobby to “watch our stuff” while everyone else shot one another.  I have a Settlers of Catan app on my iphone that has turned into a bit of a problem for me, but it gave me something to do.  You boys go hunt one another down, I’m going to sit here and build civilizations, k?

I had never played laser tag, though, so I agreed to go in on our last turn.  I was right.  Do not want.  Is there an opposite of adrenaline junkie?  that is me.  I haaate a racing heartbeat and weak knees.  And I do not like the feeling that someone is trying to get me, even if the end result is just a buzzy vest.  Also, don’t care about shooting if all it’s going to cause is a buzzy vest on someone else.  Not that I ever managed to do so, as far as I know.  They said that my gun would say “good shot!” if I shot someone, but there was so much noise in there it could have been saying “kill them, you must clease the world with their blood” and I’d have had no idea.  Which I guess is a safety feature, so good thinking, Adventure park people!  I did enjoy the black light, though, so mostly I just cowered behind a wall, enjoying my glowy shoes, hoping the timer would run down soon.

The boys enjoyed it, though, and gobbled pizza and cake in between rounds of tag.  I’d been sick on Ben’s previous two birthdays, so this was the first homemade cake he’d had in a while.  Of course, I couldn’t eat it, but I did enjoy some frosting…

Ben’s actual birthday was yesterday, and we gave him a video game and enormous Lego set that will take over my table for a while.   Lucky for him, he has a mom that loves to sort legos.

Okay, I started this post yesterday and needed to download photos, so Ben’s birthday was Monday, if you’re keeping track.  And if you are, send legos next year.  Anyway. here are some pictures:

Actual birthday, very close to his birth-time, so almost exactly 10 years old:

There are no photos of laser tag, of course, b/c they would just be darkness with red lines.  And the blur of me rushing to cower somewhere.  But here are the lads at pizza and cake:

The boy and his grandpa:

Laser gun cake:

And, to humor me, my wittle fat baby:

Floors so clean you can eat off ’em:

He has real-life drag queen eyelashes:

But this may be my favorite. The red keds.  The “spway”ing.  The constant hunt for worms:

Into the next decade!  Happy Birthday, Bear!