Julianna was inducted as president of our school’s 4-H club on Wednesday.  Or, she and Rhiannon were married, we’re not sure which.  Phone photos, quality will be poor.

Our first year, she was historian, last year she was vice president, and now she begins her reign of terror as President.  Bow before her!

After the meeting,  5 or 6 families went out to dinner together.  It was spontaneous, so we didn’t call ahead.  I’m sure the restaurant was thrilled to see us.  But we were all very well behaved, even though we had a kids’ table and a grown-up table.  It was really fun and very nice to see what a good bunch of kids we have.  There were about 15 kids at that table (aged 7 to 13) and while they certainly talked and laughed, it was never out of hand, they were no louder than the adults.   There are a pair of “strolling cowboys” who come by and sing songs, so it’s not like the place is quiet, anyway.  Not when you can get both Feliz Navidad and Ring of Fire.  We had the “how long have you lived here, where are you from?” conversations.  Steve and I were the old Frederick residents at 15 years (gah!), and it was always interesting to see how mobile Americans are.  Most of us had lived in another country, all of us had lived in more than two states.  We’re a restless people.