There’s a 100% chance of snow tomorrow, according to  Doesn’t that seem a bit…bold?  Seems like unless the snow is actually floating down around your ears you wouldn’t say more than 99.9% chance.  Maybe the forecasters were hoping that by saying “Oh it is GOING to snow” they could tempt the snow into moving right along to some other state.  Snow being notoriously contrary.

I hit Trader Joe’s this morning, since we were out of peanut butter and maple syrup.  TJ’s has the best price on organic pb and it has the best taste, so I bought 4 crunchy and 6 creamy.  So the snow can do its worst, we are ready.  Ready to develop a severe nut allergy.  I also got two containers of maple syrup, as TJ is a bit cheaper on that, as well.  And, of course, an assortment of cheese and chocolates for teacher gifts (in case I don’t get around to making caramel corn, like I planned), and clementines, and chips, and these wonderful bags of frozen fire roasted onions and peppers (so good for omelets!)…and soon I had a cart brimming full.  The store is only 20 minutes away, but b/c it’s in Montgomery County, it feels like I have to drive to the end of the earth, so I load up.  Plus, you know, snow.  Gotta lay in the stores in case we can’t drive for a couple of hours.

As I was in the cellar, putting away the raft of peanut butter and pallet of canned mandarin oranges, I noticed that the miceperhaps the offspring of the mice that ate 10 whole boxes of ice cream cones and 6 boxes of pudding mix–had eaten a container of Crisco sticks.  Empty plastic tub surrounded by shreds of foil and mouse poop.  So I’m killing them.  But sloooowwwly.  Like Archer Daniels Midland is doing to us.  I’ll slip some high fructose corn syrup down there next.  Soon, I’ll have a generation of gluten intolerant mice with autistic pinkies.  Mwahaha!

Holiday concert at the school in an hour.  Should I rupture my eardrums now or let the recorder chorus do it?