After futzing around in the 50s and 60s for a couple of months, Winter suddenly appeared.  four or so inches of it.   I didn’t make the obligatory run for bread, eggs, and toilet paper,  making us ineligible for the French toast and dyssentery that everyone else gets.  Luckily, our road gets plowed quickly.  I needed to be snowed in anyway.

I’m ankle deep in monster orders.  I have bags and hot water bottle covers enough to keep me sewing until Christmas.  Only the catch is, I’m going to California next week.  So I have to sew double quick, which–of course–makes me not want to do it.   How does one reach 42 years old and still have this inclination?  I’ll show ME!

Also,  Janet and I are dangerously close to launching our website for the birthday biz (yep, still at that.  We’re…not speedy), and I’ve got plenty to do for that.

So leave me alone, ferpetesakes, I have crap to do.