Julianna is our school’s middle school nominee for the Martin Luther King, Jr. Award.  Her teachers pulled me aside yesterday and told me about it and gave me a copy of the nomination they submitted:

Julianna Greenberg exemplifies all the qualities expressed in the Character Counts curriculum. She is consistently trustworthy, assuming leadership responsibilities voluntarily both in school and out. In addition, she treats others, animals, and property with respect. Julianna is a highly regarded member of each community in which she is a member, including school, synagogue, and a variety of extra curricular clubs and organizations. She has a maturity about her beyond her years. She can be counted on to be honest and fair in her dealings with others. She is always willing to lend a hand to those in need, wearing a smile.

How nice is that?  I have no other actual information about the award.  I know it’s part of the stupid Character Counts thing that our school doesn’t even participate in.  But I don’t know if she’s getting a certificate, a medal, or a congregation in Alabama.  Regardless, we are crazy-proud of her, of course, and not in the least surprised.