Okay, so much for every day in Nov.  But hey, I was anesthetized.  And then…I forgot.  So.  Thursday I had the lithrotripsy, the ultrasonic kidney stone blast.  It got off to a poor start, Steve and I showed up at the surgical center where I had the last procedure done (the search for the magical kidney stone) and had the pinched receptionist tell us there were no procedures scheduled today.  Steve asked her to call the doctor’s office and ask (I was too stunned to make it that far) and it turned out we were at the wrong surgical center.  Drove to the right one.

Check in, the paperwork person says “Right kidney?” and I say “I’m pretty sure it’s left” and she checks the other papers and says “oh, it is left” and reprints the papers that had the wrong kidney on them.  And then every other person that I see says “right kidney?” causing me a wee bit of panic until my doc shows up and I tell him what’s going on and he sets everyone straight.  But even so?  when I went back to the room where they were going to blast it (and it’s a specialist who does the thing, not my doc) they STILL had the room set up for right kidney.  you worry.

General anesthetic continues to amaze and amuse me.  “You might feel a stinging at the IV site” “Okay, time to wake up.”  And I feel bitter when they wake me up b/c that sleep is SOLID.  It feels gooood.  If I have to go again, I’m going to slip some one a 20 to leave me alone for another hour.  I was groggy the rest of the day, but otherwise fine.  My back was sore like I’d walked into a counter (and believe me, I know what that feels like).  My head has been swimmy, but I think that’s sinus-related.  In all, a pretty easy procedure.  He got both of the big stones in the left kidney, yes the left, and it remains to be seen if the right one will need blasting.