It was gorgeous today, and for once I actually went outside instead of looking up from the sewing machine, seeing it was dark, and saying “crap, I forgot to go outside.”  I sat in the sun and read the paper.  I knelt in the sun and pulled up dead plants from the garden.  I walked in the sun while I listened to The Bugle.   I pulled the dead flowers from my raised flower bed.  It was originally meant to be a vegetable bed, but it’s alll the way over on the other side of the yard, like 30 feet from the side walk, so I never remembered to tend it (oh yes, I am a MASTER gardener), so this year I just put flowers in it.  I had Bachelor’s Button, Love-in-Mist, and zinnias, all nice cut flowers.

I’m particularly fond of the Love-in-Mist, or Nigella.  It’s such a lovely blue when in flower:

Nigella_Moody_BluesNo, I didn’t take that photo.  Pretty, though, isn’t it?  So they’re these blue, white, or pink flowers that seem to float in this fern-y foliage.  Really nice.  And then it makes a cool seed pod when the petals fall off.  As I was pulling stuff up, I thought “Oh, I should get the seeds and replant them rather than buying the seeds every year” (genius.  MASTER GARDENER, I tell you).  Of course, I’d waited too long and most of the seeds had fallen and wee little Nigella were growing, doomed to the first frost.  But I picked through the seed heads anyway.   In most of them, some little critter was living.  It was pretty neat the way nature sees a cozy spot and moves right in.  I felt rather bad for disturbing them.  I moved them to the compost pile, which is a nice place to live if you’re a buggy critter.

I do love the big fall weed-pull. so satisfying.  And of course I’m gleefully spreading those weed seeds when I yank up the plants.  i know that b/c I’m the Master Gardener.

If anyone knows a spiderwort specific herbicide, I’d be most grateful.  I hate that plant and it has taken over.  Alternatively, tell me what brilliant herbal uses it has.