We’re just back in from the school talent show.  None of my kids were in it, which was surprising, b/c generally if there’s a spotlight on, they’re in it.  But no.  I’d feared an evening of screechy violin and cello solos (our school has a huge strings program) but only one kid trotted out her fiddle.  Instead, I should have trained my dread on the pop songs.  One Miley Cyrus,  two Hanna Montana, and FOUR Taylor Swift songs.  Oy.  of course, I’d never heard any of them before and with luck, never will again.  I told Ben they should have done Skullcrusher Mountain to keep things balanced.

The teachers did a funny dance to “The Potty Dance, ” a song about the dance you do when you have to pee.  It involved a lot of toilet paper and dancing about so the kids LOVED it.  I heard one kid say “We have the coolest teachers in the world!”  A sixth grader did a terrific magic act, notable not for the tricks but for his showmanship.  I had a mom crush on this kid to begin with, but I’d totally chaperone the prom for him now.  Impressive gymnastic tumbling, adorable baton twirling, siblings performing together at levels of cuteness that made my heart hurt.

But perhaps my favorite was the first grader dressed as Amish Johnny Cash, singing “The Man in the Mirror” with no ability to pronounce r’s.  The Man in the Miwow.  adorable.