I spent most of today putting away the Hallowe’en decor, cleaning the family room, and winter-izing it.   We don’t have storm windows or anything fancy like that, so here that means changing to the heavier curtains, swapping up the floral fabric for stripes and solids, and changing the plates and bowls from the aqua populuxe to the more sedate wedding stoneware.  I’m posting a photo not b/c I’m sure you are all dying to see my red curtains, but b/c Steve is away and otherwise will not get to see the room looking clean.  He’s not back until Monday, by which point it will be trashed.  Oh, who am I kidding, I’m sure it’s trashed now.



That rug is an experiment.  It’s been on my front porch all summer.  I got it at the Asian market, it’s made of plastic.  My hope is that it will survive the Pee Cat.  Allie loooves to pee on fabric that’s on the floor.  Rugs in particular.  So our house has NO rugs.  If the bath mat doesn’t come right up after a bath, she tags it.  She is also the one who brings mangled baby bunnies into the house and craps in the shower.  However, she also snuggles up with Ben at night and it means the world to him.  So she gets to live.  For now.  Anyway, because we have no subfloor and a dirt floor basement and floor board with the occasional (hah) gap between them, we get drafts in the winter.  No danger of radon poisoning here, let me assure you.  So I’m hoping that this mat will help block some of the drafts and will not invite cat pee.  fingers crossed.

I’m generally pretty lax with my kids, not one to hover.  But I’m beginning to think about encasing them in a clear acrylic coating.  One of my imaginary friends has just found out that her 15 year old has really rare weird heart things going on and will be undergoing loads of tests.  Another imaginary friend’s 9 year old daughter was complaining of headache last week and is now having a lump removed from her brain.  And an actual friend’s 13 year old just had a ruptured appendix and is in the hospital with severe peritonitis.  Not good.  It makes a slacker panic just a bit.

And speaking of panic, for those playing the Home Version of What’s Up With Deana’s Kidneys: my stone blasting procedure will be on Thursday the 12th.