So Steve left for California last night.  He had an 8 o’clock flight and he called me at 10:30.  I was surprised to hear from him but I’m so out of the loop maybe everyone calls from the middle of the flight now.  But no, he was on the ground still.  Apparently the plane hit a goose on the way in and the wing had to be repaired. Which: gah.  But then, as I’m chatting with him, the pilot comes on and says “We’re just waiting for the epoxy to dry and then we’ll be able to go.  It’ll be about 90 min.”  In essence: As soon as the glue dries, we’ll hurl this baby up into the air and across the country.  You have 90 min to make your peace with the deity of your choice.  It was a weird moment where you realize just how ridiculous flight is.  I prefer to think of it as magic and do not need them telling me that the thing is held together with…airplane glue, I guess.

We went in to the library today so that Lily could hook up with a school chum for a playdate.  I browsed the new books while we waited.  Even though I have a massive pile of books awaiting my attention, I came home with four.  Two are graphic novels since I can’t even seem to summon the attention span for a young adult novel these days.  One is Ad Nauseum: A Survivor’s Guide to American Consumer Culture, which I picked up b/c I love advertising and it had a blurb from Patton Oswalt on the front.  The other is Why is My Mother Getting a Tattoo and Other Questions I Never Thought I’d Have to Ask, based on the hope that a series of essays might hold my attention.  I think the computer has killed my attention span.  The graphic novels, or, if we must, comic books, are the House of Mystery series, vol. 1 and 2.  They’re..grim.  But short!

Mad Men last night–loved it.  I’ll not spoil anything at this point, but I just love that show.  Every screen shot looks like a period photograph, so exact is every detail.  The blinds, the hair, the posture.  A shot from Little House on the Prairie does not look like it was taken in the late 1800s.  Mad Men is just spot on and brilliant and beautiful.  love.

Tonight’s dinner–fritatta.  I love fritatta, just throw whatever is in the fridge into a skillet, cover it with eggs and cheese, and bake.  Always yummy.  Using up leftovers makes me feel so righteous.  Esp. since it’s something I’ve had to force myself to.  Growing up (and, really, my folks still do it), we’d save a tablespoon of green beans and trot them out at the next night’s dinner.  But as an adult, I just had to force myself to eat something after it had gone into the fridge.  My standard leftover recipe: put it in corning ware, put it in the fridge, throw it out in a week.  But I’m getting better.  Roasted veg are my favorite to re-use.  I roast a huge pan of vegetables, eat them fresh and hot the first night.  Put some in soup. Some on salad.  And end it all up with frittata.  Righteous.