Another one come and gone…Nothing left but picking up candy wrappers off the floor.  This year, however, I have told Ben and Lily that for each wrapper I pick up, I’m taking a piece of candy.  That will motivate Ben, I think.  Lily doesn’t care quite as much.  We’ll see which is stronger at least, greed or laziness.  Prediction: for Ben, greed will be stronger; Lily, lazy.  Julianna squirrels hers away into her room like a normal person.

It started to rain about 6, and we were worried that it would make trick or treating a bit soggy (never considered not going, I mean, really), but it stopped by 6:30.  Everyone got suited up and ready to go.



This year, Julianna went out on her own with Rhiannon and Molly.  She originally planned to be a fairy, but then thought of Sgt. Pepper a couple of weeks ago.  I thought how much *I* would have loved to do that at her age (and why didn’t I think of it?  hmmm?), and scrambled to make it happen.  I found a collarless ladies suit coat with a matching tank top at Goodwill.  The tank was green to just above the bust and navy the rest of the way, but it was enough green for me to make a collar and two epaulets for the coat.  Then I handed it over to her to trick out.  I think she did a pretty bang-up job:





The hat was a “biker hat” from the party store, spray painted and trimmed.  Amusingly, I just saw on Facebook that a high school friend’s son ALSO went in a green Sgt. Pepper coat.  I’m drawing up the betrothal papers.

Ben, deciding to costume around his hair this year, decided to go as Tom Baker as Dr. Who.  Which is kind of complicated, but his previous costumes have included “a rebel pilot from the ice planet Hoth.”


And Lily, who can’t really be bothered to put too much thought into this, decided to just pull some stuff from the dress up bin and be a witch again.  She’d thought vampire for a while, but I think it seemed like a hassle.  See: lazy, above.


I suggested that she change out of the pants she’d worn all day and maybe go with stripey leggings, but no, too much hassle.  Sigh.  Where did I go wrong in instilling proper costume love?

Steve, as I briefly mentioned, went as his Evil Twin.  As we all know, the only way to tell an Evil Twin is that they have slicked back hair and a goatee:


He couldn’t wait to shave it off though.  He has never been one to enjoy facial hair.  See how much happier he looks with it gone?


That picture totally cracks me up.

For once, I managed to slap on a costume for handing out candy on the porch. I just got the dress I wore to be Narcissa LaStrange for the HP movie, my beloved cape, and a mask with hair I’ve had for ages.



We had our usual Day of the Dead decor, so I blasted mariachi music and handed out full-sized bars.  We had about 8 left, so we must have had about 140 trick or treaters.

I was impressed by the number of kids that tried to take two bars, even when I said “Choose which one you’d like,” a sentence that contains the number One.  I didn’t hesitate to slap that extra bar back into the bowl.  Greedy monkeys.   Also weird–the way candy preference went.  The bowl contained Hershey’s plain and with almonds, Skittles, kit kats, Reese’s, Starburst, 3 Musketeers, Snickers, M&M plain, peanut, and mini.  The first bowl emptied down to 8 Snickers bars.  Why was no one taking Snickers?  The second bowl emptied down to 6 or 7 Hershey’s  (leaving THOSE, I understand), and then the third bowl left us with 4 Reeses, 3 KitKats,and a peanut M&M.

Also, I had to prompt almost every kid to say “Trick or Treat.”  They just walked up and stood there or said “Hi.”  They all said “thank you,” which is nice, but I need to hear the traditional greeting if you want the grub.

No particular trends in the costumes.  I was expecting a sea of vampires.  Perhaps they were stymied by the costume shop.  I went in earlier to get Julianna a hat for her costume and thought I’d pick up something for Lily.  At the time, she was fancying a vampire look and I figured they’d have an aisle of vampire gear.  Nothing.  I asked someone, thinking maybe they had so much it couldn’t fit into the regular costume area.  She showed me the “gothic” section, which mostly featured crucifixes.  “Um, vampires cannot wear crosses.  They’re burn-y.”  Blink. Blink. “Oh.”  Whatever.  I guess nowadays, vampires are just sparkly high school boys with a tendency toward stalking.  Guess you can’t buy a creepy stare at the costume shop.  Anyway.  Very few TV characters,which is usual.  Or maybe I’m just really out of the kids’ TV loop now.  Very likely.

So, the kids are gorging on candy.  I’m in bed not feeling quite right and gagging a little at the smell of the stinkbugs Steve just vacuumed up.  He’s off to CA this evening, so we’re going to assume I don’t have the Pig Pox and I’m just a bit under the weather.  no fever, though, which is the main sign, I think.  November is National Blog Posting Month, and I’ll once again try to post every day.  It seems easier than joining the Write a Novel in November group.  But Lily didn’t get her lazy from nowhere, so don’t hold your breath, people.