I’m just in from a weekend away with Bev and Lara.  Nice.  I get to worrying about my health and the flu and the killer bees and bigfoot and pretty soon I’m just a mess.  When Steve is away, I don’t see grown-ups all day and I spend too much time inside my own head.  Never a good place to hang out, let me tell you.  So this weekend, we went to Lara’s cabin near Berekley Springs, WV.  We’ve been taking scrapbooking weekends for years now, but this time we were all shattered enough that we mostly read books, worked puzzles, and napped.  I slept until 10 am on Sat. and 9:30 on Sun.  It was lovely.

Saturday night, we went to Panorama at the Peak restaurant.  On a previous trip to the cabin, Steve had declared it the perfect zombie attack defense point, as it has an amazing view of the surrounding valley.  You could totally see them coming.  And eat local foods.  They said their menu was about 90% local at this time of year, which is nice, but it was pretty pricey for what it was.  If I pay $18 for an entree, I want some foam or peas made to look like cotton candy or cotton candy made to look like peas.  We knew we were in trouble when we walked in and they said “Do you have reservations?”  Now, you have to know that this place looks like a roadhouse and while Berkely Springs has fancy-schmancy spas, it also has a lot of jus’ fo’ks.  It just doesn’t feel like a 20 dollar entree kind of place.  Sure, the ‘possum is local!  Just picked up out front!  The ambience is hunting-lodge cozy, but again, not “riding jodhpurs hunting lodge” but “second week of deer camp lodge.”  The food was good.  But not THAT good (I’m sure my vast NYC and SF readership is all “dude, that’s McDonald’s prices”) but not here.  And sure as shootin’ not in the WV panhandle.  I’d try it once more.  But that’s all they get from me.

I spent much of my time putting all the “leftover” photos into those albums that just have sleeves you slide photos into.  I had pictures that hadn’t made the Fancy Scrapbook cut and plenty that I haven’t gotten to yet (I’m many, many years behind).  Mostly, I spent my time saying “Oh my god, look how YOUNG I look!”  Even as recently as 4 or 5 years ago, I look 10 years younger.  When I went to my 20 year college reunion this summer, I was struck by how much older I appeared than my friends.  Granted, they all had no or only one child, but still.  I have to try to comfort myself that we’ll all look old at the nursing home.

Also?  My kids were insanely cute toddlers.  Just nuts.  Which is how they survived, I suppose.