We’re headed off to hippie camp on Saturday morning.  It will be about 18-19 hours of driving over two days, followed by 5 nights of sleeping on the ground, followed by two more days of driving.  And then school starts on Monday.  WHEE!  In truth, I think the camping will be fun.  We’re meeting friends there and I expect the kids will love the roaming about the beach and woods with a mob of kids.  I plan to enjoy having the kids occupied.

But oh, the amount of crap we have to pack.  And by “we,” I mean “I.”  Steve is in a work frenzy (in fact, he’ll be working from a hotel room while we camp…or so he claims), and those who allow children to pack deserve what they get.  Really, it isn’t a whole lot more stuff to pack for a week than it is to pack for a night, but the extra cooking stuff and food does add to the bulk.  plus it will be chilly at night, so we need a bit more blanket.  Yeah, we don’t have sleeping bags.  I want down comforters and quilts when I sleep.  We’re borrowing a “clamshell” to stick on top of our van and hold the overflow.

Oh, the van!  I took it in for a massive overhaul on Tuesday.  Over a thousand bucks in repairs.  As I’m driving home, the brakes begin to make godawful noises.  Which get worse.  So back in it went this morning.  90 min later, they tell me it’s fixed, that the drum brakes on these 99-01 Odysseys are very hard to get back on “just so” so that the worn spots match up or some such.  I leave, and half way home it starts again.  I go back.  They take it out at a fast clip and notice that one of the wheel bearings is going.  So.  New bearing.  New brake drums and shoes.  Seems like we just bought a beat-up old van for 1500 bucks.  And it’s full of garbage.

When we get back, I have to start sewing non-stop b/c I have a booth at the Middletown Heritage Days.  Seemed like a grand plan back in March or so.  I have rather a lot of bags to make.

So, hopefully I’ll be back with good stories and pictures in a week or so…