I have a Nerf dart.  Come get it because you are hungry.  Look, it’s a dart.  It’s made of Nerf and is delicious.  I have it for you.  Come quickly.  I have a dart.

The food used to be in the room in the upstairs.  It was with the water and the Shame Box.  One day it was gone.  Now there is food in the People Food Room.  It is with the water.  The Shame Box is in the room with the People Shame Bowl.  The downstairs food is good.  But my upstairs tummy is empty.  so empty.

Will you sit down soon?  I would sit on you if you did.  Are you going to sit now?  I’ll be right here.  now?  I will sit on you if you sit.  So will you sit soon?

Would you like to smell my bottom?

Hi.  My name is Maggie.  I live here.