It has rained a lot here.  A Lot.  I’m not complaining, really, low water-tables make me nervous.  But seriously man, a LOT of rain.  Today we had a swim meet in the rain.  We had to be at the other team’s pool–20 min away–at 7 o’flippin’ clock.  Why, pray tell, can we not light the pools and have meets at night?  How much cooler would that be, both literally and figuratively? As we loaded up, thunder was rolling and thunder means out of the pool.  It was tempting to say “clearly it will be cancelled” and stay home, but I was scheduled to be Clerk of Course for both halves, so I had to show up just in case.  When we arrived, they told us it was delayed an hour.  Not helpful in any way.

We went to McD’s–blech–for egg and cheese on a muffin.  It laid in my stomach like a rock.  It became clear that Ben wasn’t well (first clue, not excited to receive junk food for breakfast), so I told him he didn’t have to swim.   But Julianna did and I had to be the lining-up-the-kids person, a job that involves  a lot of standing and shouting (which, yeah, it’s fairly well suited to me.  If only I could sit instead).  When went back and checked in in the thunderless drizzle.  Sometimes the drizzle amped up to rain.   The swimmers are wet anyway, so cry no tears for them (although they didnt’ really get to dry off and were quite shivery), but *I* am supposed to stay dry at meets.   I can’t even swim, man.

So it was wet.  The pages of my swim schedule all stuck together and when the rain finally stopped, I steamed.  AND we lost.  So meh.  This hot (okay not really) on the heels of the 4-H leadership campout on Wednesday night.  Anyone living in this weather system will remember that Wednesday was the Night of the Deluge.  Holy sweet baby Elvis, it was wet.  AND cold.  We were staying at the same camp site as the 3rd grade camp-out (see below), so we at least had a pavilion we could hang out under, and didn’t have to huddle in our tents.  Although really, if there had been no pavilion, we could have just gone home…

As it was, the program leader told the kids that the weather was not going to get better and, in fact, an inch of rain was called for over night.  That there was no shame in calling it a night and heading home.  Stalwart pre-teens this lot, and they asserted that it would be wimping out to go home.  We lost a few, but most stayed and toasted their marshmallows over a propane stove.

none of these is my child, so you neednt try to figure out why you dont recognize these kids

none of these is my child, so you needn't try to figure out why you don't recognize these kids

theres Julianna, in the green coat.  With a heavy sweatshirt underneath.

there's Julianna, in the green coat. With a heavy sweatshirt underneath.

our determined fire-starters.  They really did get one going!

our determined fire-starters. They really did get one going!

In the end, it wasn’t that bad and there was that bond of going-through-unpleasantness-together.  I had enough dry clothes to stay dry and warm (all hail polarfleece and those hiking pants that dry super fast!), and our tent did not leak at all–hooray REI!  I did, however.  There is no diuretic like the sound of a tent flap zipping shut and when that was combined with the torrential rain, I had to pee about a dozen times.  But that gave me a chance to knock the water off the top of the tent several times, so Im sure that helped our water-tightness.  It continued to rain the next day, but by the time we got home it was sunny and windy, so our gear dryed quickly.

But can I just say I am DONE volunteering?  Camping, field day, swim team, drama…I’m done with other people’s kids.  Done.  And I’m damp.