The pool opened today, so thus begins the official End of School Madness season.  Swim team practice will start next week.  All three kids are going to be in a production of a musical version of The Hobbit (“Hobbit!”) in July and those rehearsals have started.  30 min. away.

This week: 4-H club mtg on Wed.  Thursday night is the 6th Grade campout.  Friday is the Earth Kids picnic AND the school auction.

Next week: 4-H video seminar for Julianna on Tuesday.  Final mtg of my 4-H project group on Wed, followed by the 4-H showcase for the school at which my 4-H kids will be presenting their ill-thought-out persuasive speeches.  Friday, Julianna’s class puts on the little ten min. play that she and Ally have written, produced, directed, and will act in.  Friday night, school picnic (why is this not the same night as the auction?!?).  Small Angels on Saturday.  4-H pool party and picnic on Sunday (AND hoping to make it to DE to see Brent, Andi, and Hazel and appear in a family photo).

the week after: Third grade campout, followed by 20 year college reunion (yes, old, I know).  Luckily that week isn’t too nuts, since I’m ostensibly in charge of that campout and will likely be going out of my mind.

Final week of school: School ends on the 17th, which will also be the 4-H leadership project’s camp-out (Julianna and I).

And in all of that, we wedge 3 swim practices and 3 play rehearsals each week.  Gah.  I have carefully structured my life to not be like this, how did it happen?