That cutie-toot is TWELVE now.  Yesterday was her birthday, but I was running around all day.  So twelve years ago today, I was still in the hospital, being awakened every few minutes for a blood draw or a blood pressure check or to see if I was sleeping well or if I wanted to try, unsuccessfully, to nurse the baby.  Julianna was sleeeeeeping.  She was almost 3 weeks early and I’d had a magnesium sulfate drip to keep from having high bp-related seizures (but no pain meds, dude!  Even with a pitocin induction.  Bow before me), so she was seriously groggy.  It was almost a week before she figured nursing out.   I was nearly insane by that point, but lookit!  How cute!

I had a Beatles Tshirt waiting for her when she woke up.  Then she had to go to school, of course, but I came and took her out for lunch.  We went to a yummy tapas place and I ate most of the food.  Nom nom nom.  Then I took her to the candy shop and let her pick out some chocolates.  Creepy Mr. John that used to give her free chocolate when we lived downtown and she was small and cute was not there.  Which is a bonus because, as I mentioned, he is creepy.  All candy shops should be run by creepy dudes, don’t you think?  We had 4-H after school (saints preserve me) so we went to the diner for dinner afterward and I let them each choose a slice of yummy diner pie–that’s for you, Laura The Pie Hater.  In fact, Julianna chose Boston creme pie first, and the cake in it was utterly stale and gross so she switched to coconut creme which was delicious.  Ben got about a quarter of a chocolate cream pie, from which he ate the meringue,  and Lily got plain cheesecake which was awesome.  I mooched.  When we got home, she went up to see the Beatles bedding I made her:

I went into the fabric store to get tie-dye print fabric for that big pillow and then I saw Yellow Submaries!  Perfect.  She’s never actually seen the movie, and prefers early Beatles, but this is the fabric selection.  Roll with it.  A nice day with my nice Schmoo.