Actually, I don’t know if they tested for that.  Probably.  But it’s not MS, which is nice.  Okay, the neurologist said that the lumbar puncture only catches 75% of cases  (“But a second one catches 90%!”  I’ll let you know if I get tingly fingers), but we’re going to go with “not MS.”  I asked to be tested for Lymes and he said that my spinal fluid was also tested for that and it was negative.  I’m currently researching to see if that’s a reliable test.  Meanwhile, I’m to see an opthomologic neurologist and get another MRI in May to see if there have been any changes.  I’ll also see my GP and ask for a heavy-duty Thyroid panel and a different lyme test if need be.  So there we are, no new news, but no bad news either.