I’ve postponed my oral surgery b/c I am still down with this virus.  No sense trying to make my body recover from surgery when it’s already whipped from a virus and several days of almost no food (I’m thinking of marketing my virus on Facebook as a weight loss plan.  Effortless!  Guaranteed Results!  No cravings!  You’ll eat as much as you want!  I’ll just not mention that all you want is an occasional piece of dry toast.)  I’m better today, as evidenced by the fact that I’m able to string a sentence together, but still feeling oogy.  Since Steve is in CA every other week, I’ll have to schedule the surgery for two weeks out.  Sigh.  But maybe I can get the neuro appt. moved up.

Ben’s birthday party was today, and my procrastinating really paid off b/c I was too sick to move for the 3 or 4 days prior to it.  So yay.  Luckily, the weather was on my side.  It was over 50 today.  They arrived and set to the traditional Decorating of the Pinata Bags:


Wade, Ben, and Nick

Wade, Ben, and Nick

That kept them busy until all were present–8 boys, all packing Nerf heat.  I had them park their weapons in the living room.  Like an Old West saloon.


But a sampling.  Only 4 kids were here at this point.

But a sampling. Only 4 kids were here at this point.

Then I booted them outside.  I cleared the table and sent Steve out to referee.  There was a lot of noise and fewer tears than I’d have expected.  I sent Julianna out with the camera, so I don’t know any more about what went on than you are about to:

I think I heard of a Capture the Flag game, but Steve said it takes so long to load the guns that it was mostly a game of “Hold on!  I’m not ready!”  And yes, it’s true, there once were no guns in my house.  Even when my child chewed his toast into the shape of a gun and used it to go Bang Bang, we had no guns.  First, I tried squirt bottles.  Oh, he loved his “squirters”


Seriously.  Could you just EAT him?

Seriously. Could you just EAT him?

Gradually, I allowed swords, for whatever reason.  They could…be used to slice cheese, I guess.  Or they’re needed for proper RenFaire attire.  But I managed to keep all actual gun facsimiles out of the house.  Oh, he had them stashed at the grandparents’ houses:


and had Laser Tag guns at MY folks house.

and had Laser Tag guns at MY folks' house.

 None here though.  Until the Nerf obsession.  I think that it boiled down to *I* like Nerf, whereas I don’t like any of the other sorts of guns.  But we’ll pretend that it has something to do with my having laid the groundwork for a non-violent outlook.  And that now he’s old enough to not grow jaded by shooting things with his Nerf guns.  Or something.  Anyway.  We got him the Nerf Vulcan, which is as big as he is.

I called them back in for cake.  Here’s how sick I’ve been:

Store bought cake.  Yes.  12 years in and I bought one.  It was yummy, or so I guess from the tiny lick I managed before my stomach said “I don’t think so.”  He also picked out a Boston Cream Pie cake, since there was an army to feed.  And some of those Dippin’ dots things.  bleh.

Then the present opening, which featured as assortment of ugly things like Bionicles and Bakugan:

The opening was fast and furious and looked like this:

The battery died on my camera and Julianna’s camera hates me.  So most of the shots are freaky in some way.


Quick, Madame Pomfrey!  Get the Skele-gro!

Quick, Madame Pomfrey! Get the Skele-gro!

Then the pinata, which I did make earlier in the week, but was too ill by the time it dried to be very creative.  I just slapped some red, yellow, and orange crepe paper on it and called it a fireball.  What is it?  It’s full of candy.  Shut up and hit it.

Eventually, the families showed up to retrieve the boys.  I must say it did drag as no other party has, probably b/c there was not one thing planned.  Ben went out and rearranged the junk on the porch into an “obstacle course” so they played at that.  But I mostly sat.

Today I’ve had one piece of dry toast, a banana, 1/4 cup of yogurt with honey, and 4 cheese ravioli.  So I’m practically hale!  I changed my sheets and washed my comforter cover yesterday b/c it just seemed so gross to be stewing in those germs.  Likewise the couch blankets.  Figured if I couldn’t find any Native Americans to give ’em to, I may as well wash ’em.  Had the front and back doors open for about 30 min and let the wind tunnel whip around a bit.  So.  On the mend?  Maybe?