Ordinarily, this time of year, you’d be reading my frantic, yet undoubtably hilarious post about Ben’s birthday party for which I am always woefully unprepared.  Yet they always come off well, thus reinforcing my slack.  Just like college.  And, indeed, Friday morning I woke thinking “Crap, I have to do Kindergarten Art today, when am I going to make the cake/buy a gift/prepare in any way at all for the party?”  And this time he’d managed to invite a pile of boys, all of whom could come.  But then a miracle!  He woke up sick!  He even barfed!  And thus, no K art, and party is moved until next week.  So I have a whole 7 days to not prepare in any way.  Phew.  Friday I didn’t prepare by reading a book and surfing the web and doing laundry (new dryer!  Woo!  Dries clothes in well under 3 hours!) because we had worn everything we owned and were reduced to walking around in halloween costumes and bathrobes.  Today I didn’t prepare by sewing lots o’ bags so that I can do a big push on etsy.  AND I listened to most of The Mauritius Command–the 4th in the long line of very excellent sea-farin’ adventure tales to which I’m lately attached.  I’m confident I can waste the rest of the week. I’m cool like that.

Oh, and Ben is fine, by the way.