I took Julianna to her first concert last night–the Beatles’ tribute band, 1964 the Tribute.  My first concert was in 1983, to see Simon and Garfunkle on the first stop on their reunion tour.  Rubber Bowl (I KNOW) in Akron. Apparently it’s a good thing we saw it there b/c things started to fall apart quickly as the goodwill of the Concert in Central Park wore away.  But I enjoyed it and it was a good starter concert.  Julianna got an even gentler introduction, as it was the same crowd, only 26 years later.  The audience was almost all either 60 or 12.  Grandparents and grandkids, from the looks of it.  Entirely white.  Not so much as an Asian.  But, although I was skeptical, it was a terrific show.

These guys have been doing this schtick for 25 years.  From the time the Beatles were so named (1960) until Lennon was shot (1980) was only 20 years.  Hell, John and Paul only knew each other 23 years.  So they have the act DOWN.  When they first came on stage, they looked like a bunch of guys dressed up like The Beatles, but they have every little mannerism down so perfectly that by two songs in, they looked just like them to me.  They don’t play any music later than Revolver and most of it is pre-Help!, so Julianna was spared the later stuff that she doesn’t really like.  Revolver and Rubber Soul are my favorite albums, though, so I would have liked more of that.  Even so, it was a really good time.  They are an incredibly gracious and generous band, always encouraging the audience to sing along, making little jokes, and so on.  They even do the voices perfectly.  But, again, 25 years.  I could probably perfect an impression in that time. How they manage to actually look like touring-era Beatles when they have to be 50 is beyond me though.  I’d like to know.

It was the ideal fogey concert.  Comfy seats, indoors, not too loud.  If only it had started at 6 instead of 8 it would have been perfect.  I am so past standing in a loud club, getting pogo’d on by the drug-addled.  I can only imagine how much this show would have meant to me at 12, so I’m really glad Julianna got to see it.  She was over the moon.  And if you’re going to pick a band that broke up 39 years ago as your favorite…I guess this is as good as it gets.