I have some slightly annoying virus.  It makes me feel, as my Granny might have said, puny.  A trip into the basement to flip the laundry leaves me shaky and longing to lie down.  I spent most of yesterday in bed, periodically shuffling to the loo or to drink more water so that I could repeat the process.  Holding up my book so I could read in bed made my arms wiggly.  It’s just pathetic, really.  Otherwise, I have my standard sinus problems, and a somewhat oogy tum.  So as ailments go, it’s an okay one, I guess.  Just feels…meh.  And now we’re out of food, so I have to go out.  Smithers!


In less whiny news…Julianna just wrapped up a week with the Missoula Children’s Theater.  It’s an impressive organization–they roll into town with everything needed to put on a show, except the cast.  They hold auditions on Monday night, have the first rehearsal right after auditions and rehearse every night that week.  Then they do a dress rehearsal and two shows on Saturday, pack up, and move on.  About 120 kids showed up for 60 slots and Julianna got one of the leads.   She got to play the Sheriff of Nottingham in their production of Robin Hood.  It was especially nice for her since she hasn’t been feeling that great about landing the part of Cha-Cha in the school production of Grease.  The other leads were teenagers, she was the youngest by several years.  Watching the audition, I cringed a bit b/c she was ACTING!, but that was just what they were looking for–they told her she couldn’t be too over-the-top or silly.  They also told her to imagine the Sheriff as a dog.   Those who knew her as a wee lass know that my child wore a dog collar out in public and asked to be walked through the mall on a leash as late as seven years old.  So she was born to the part.  They should probably just take her on tour with them.

It was impressive to see how they powered out a show–the leads started rehearsing that night.  They got a script and started blocking right away.  Bam!  Each group of characters (there are sorts of character, somewhat broken down by size–skunks are the littlest kids, then there are foresters, aristocrats, the merry band, and the guards are the teens) was set right to work, given a particular character within their group.  Everyone had at least one line.  Holding the show together was a narrator, one of the women from Missoula.  She was able to provide guidance or cover if someone stumbled, but really, they didn’t need it.  The show was every bit as well acted as the shows the school puts on that take months of twice-weekly rehearsals.  It was like magic.  And, of course, the kids had a blast.  Julianna really liked meeting a different group of kids, which made me feel a bit bad for keeping her with the same group of kids since kindergarten, some of them from even further back.  I guess it is hard when everyone has known you for ever…not that I’D know.  We went out to dinner after and as we sat there she went from bubbly and effusive to face down in her enchiladas.  It was a heck of a week.   But she has the bug bad, now.  She wants more auditions, MORE!  And it made me really really want to get back into theater.  I’m almost there.  The kids need to be a bit older before I could leave them with Julianna when Steve’s away…Of course, by then, she’ll have her own stuff to do.  And it’s not like I don’t have enough to do…

Speaking of which, how are those birthday business name ideas coming?  I’ve  come up with EcoMoms Birthday Service, but I don’t really like it.  It has the whiff of those Mommy Moms and while I’d like their business and their sweet, sweet money, I don’t want to BE one of them.  It seems like we’d need one of those horrid logos with the stylishly elongated mom in knee boots and sunglasses with a cake in one hand and a cellphone in the other…nah. 

Anyway.  Here are photos!  First, the cast:

That’s my shy child in the purple:

I should probably tell her about facial waxing, huh?  I was trying to hold out until she’s 12…