They’re in my house.  Why?  Because it’s cold.  School was canceled because of cold.  Now, I’ll grant you, it IS cold out there and I wasn’t really looking forward to standing out in front of the school, opening car doors in my job as car-line-lady (oh, who am I kidding, of course I was.  It’s only 15 min and I get to look macho b/c I just bundle up and take it).  I cut the district some slack when they close in the face of very little snow.  It’s a big county, lots of country roads, maybe it’s too treacherous in some places to send the buses.  Fine.  But cold?  According to Weather Underground, it’s 20.4 out there.  With windchill, it’s 20.  Sure, that’s cold. But it’s not “Do not attempt to walk from your door to a vehicle and from that vehicle to a school building.  Your nose will fall off” cold.  On a snow day, I at least know they’ll be outside playing for much of the day.  But not today.  Because if it’s too frigid to go to school, there’s no WAY they’re headed outside to frolic on the crispy lawn.

So my plans to plug my book into my ears and sew are dashed.  Putting on my ipod alerts my children to all of their needs.  Needs that had been lying dormant.  Right ear…left ear…play…”Mom! I need some tape!”  “Mom! is it lunch time yet?”  “Mom! have you seen my shoes?” “Mom!  Why do birds suddenly appear every time you are near?”

I need to sew some crap for the birthday party Janet and I are staging for our website-to-be for our birthday party business-to-be.  Which you people have not yet named!  Hello?  I have half a dozen sewing machines and they all suck.  They all need servicing, which is 80 bucks a pop.  I need someone to pretend to be me and go ask the local place if they’ll sponsor our 4-H sewing group and do this at a greatly reduced rate.  But don’t pretend to be me so successfully that you can’t go ask this favor.  Because I have that part down pat, thanks.