As mentioned in the Locked in the Bathroom post (isn’t that R. Kelley song?), Janet and I are trying to launch a kids’ party business.  Our focus is to be “green” parties.  The plan is that we show up well before the party and create the scene–awesome handmade decorations, well-set table, fancy gift table, special birthday kid chair–and give you the cloth goody bags that contain wholesome doo-dads that are not from Oriental Trading Company and were made by fairies, a pinata full of granola (or something green…grass clippings maybe), and tubs in which to return our plates and glasses.  Oh that’s how green we are–no trash.  A week or more before, we provided you with game ideas and supplies for a craft and ideas for food (we’ll offer to provide a cake, but you will pay, my friend.  Cakes not full of chemicals and corn syrup cost money).  We give you a CD of theme-appropriate music.  And we bail.  You are now set up to be the perfect hostess.  Everyone adores you.  We come back the next day or later that day and whisk the crap away.

Here’s where you come in:  We need a name.  I’m shooting for a warm hearth/snuggly/eco-friendly/upscale hippie feel, but nothing like Gaia’s Children or that like that will make me throw up in my mouth.  We need the name, and perhaps a tagline, to get across the following:

Eco-conscious business (no waste)

hand made decor

party in your home

Needs to be easy to remember and search for.

Ideas for names or other aspects of the business are welcomed.  And no, you may not just go start your own company and run us out of business before we begin.