I am having to write this on Steve’s black MacBook.  My beloved Alice, who is whiter than Ed Begley Jr, is very very sick.  We don’t really know what is wrong with her but it isn’t good.  I’m trying to remain positive and assume that the “geniuses” at the Apple store will help but it isn’t easy.  For one, you cannot make reservations for the Genius Bar on the phone.  Presumably, if you need them, your computer isn’t working.  So how the hell are you to make an on-line res?  Eh, geniuses?  When I try to make said on-line reservation, it asks if I am a “guest” or a “member.” Not having any idea what these mean, I clicked guest.  It told me the next appt. is Tuesday, a day on which I have plans.  So I went back and tried registering as a member, knowing how those Appleheads love their exclusivity.  I gave it my Apple ID and password, but then it wants some fool membership ID number.  The hell?  Just let me come in on Monday and fix my computer.  I’ll even wear my chunky glasses and clompy shoes.  It’s hard to be smug about Apple when they’re cheesing me off.