Hope you had a Merry Christmas and that your last night of Hannukah is wicked awesome.  We had a lovely visit to Delaware and my folks’ house.    My kids had been looking forward to cousin-based chaos for ages and they were not disappointed.  Thank heavens the house is so big and that it contains a finished basement.   That crowd would have brought my house to rubble.  Not that it’s all that far off already…  Oh, and it smells apparently, I found this sign that Lily had posted before we left:

It says “Ben No tootng or frting Julianna”  It’s still up, of course.  That’s a good sign to have.  Luckily, my name is not on it.

We had our big meal on Christmas Eve afternoon, when everone was able to be there.  The kids exchanged cousin gifts then as well (we draw names.  I can’t afford to buy for all those youngins).  Julianna had made Mikayla a pair of skull-covered jammie pants and was so excited to give them to her.  She’d even used the serger–with about as much confidence as I have when I use it.  I swear that thing makes me feel like I’m keeping a pet tiger–if all goes well it’s a wonderful thing to have, but chances are it’s gonna end in tears.  And maybe blood.  Kayla got her the Beatles album “Rubber Soul” so there was much happiness there.

We got everyone together for a photo.  As usual, it takes several shots to actually get everyone, face forward, not blinking or yawning.  You’ll note that Justin’s kids are in a suit and matchig jumpers.  Tash’s kids are all tidy and neat.  And mine are wearing stained and grubby clothing and appear to have combed their hair with hay rakes.

Why yes, that IS Hazel on Kayla’s lap.  And yes, I have more pictures of her…

She thought that Julianna’s puffing-out-the-cheeks-and-then-slapping-them (also known as Bluto’s “Look!  I’m a zit!) trick was brilliant.


She’s really that cute.  And then some.  Also was rather determined to eat/squish the elaborate Playmobil dolphin and penguin exhibit we’d set up the night before for the kids.  That’s when I remembered what it’s like to have a baby and have to constantly be hovering around the chokey-filled crap the big kids have and moved it all upstairs.  It looks like a fine thing to be a baby surrounded by big kids.  They were all quite taken with her and she was handing out the hugs to them.  *I* didn’t get any.  Sniff.  But the cousins got quite a lot.  Also, Justin’s stupid dog won’t let me scratch his ears and went and put his head in Steve’s lap even though Steve doesn’t even LIKE dogs.  Hmpf.

I ate waaaaay too many cookies and too much pie.  We always have far, far too many cookies and even with a blind eye turned toward the amount the kids are eating we still have scads left over. My high school friend, Gabi, came over with her son and I meant to push some on them (since they have the metabolisms of rabbits and Gabit is almost entirely unchanged physically since age 18. grr.) and totally forgot, so I ended up taking home nearly as many as I brought.   I, however, am on a no-cookies, no-cheese diet for a bit here.  My innards are askew.  Which might make that sign come in handy…

If you want to see all my pics (which are, admittedly, shoddy), go to my Flickr stream.