Julianna has become a full-on Beatlemaniac.  She is almost 12.  Those of you who knew ME at 12 will be most amused by this.  Further amusement for you:  She asks me “Who is the best Beatle?” (a rather Dwight Schrute like phrasing, but still) I, being a thinking person of taste replied “John.”  She said “Yeah, I kind of like Ringo.”  So she came to that on. her. own.  She did not know that I had allied myself with “the funny Beatle” lo those many years ago.  Granted, I was left with Ringo after my greedy cousins had snapped up John and Paul and at 12 I was in no condition to choose “the weird one” over “the funny one” (and, okay, let’s be honest, I still choose that way), but I was wholly loyal from that point on.  I even bought Ringo Starr solo albums. I enjoyed “Help!” the movie because Ringo was kind of the star of it.  I dated a large nosed drummer in high school.   I felt a bit embarrassed recently when Ringo declared he would no longer give autographs because he’s sick of the lot of us.  I committed, people.  And, apparently, burned it onto my DNA.  So, young persons, know your power. Know that your seemingly innocent flirtation with Kanye West or jelly shoes or leggings could be passed on to your as-yet unconceived children.  Beware.  And have better taste than that.