Jinkies!  I can say that because I have a puffy orange down coat that makes my children call me Velma.  I have yet to aquire white knee socks, however.

So I asked Lily about the wish list.  She tells me that the first item–“my mybu/ mebyuns” was an attempt at “My Meebas”–that one I knew b/c that’s the only thing she’s asked for.  Yes, I’ve already bought it.  After that, she was able to identify “chicken and seal”–we knew it as “chicin owo seel”–and meant the Webkinz of those creatures. The rest of the list?  She has no idea.  She’s at that weird developmental stage where she can read pretty well, but hasn’t quite caught up with the writing.  I’ll just pretend it says “homemade pajama pants with poodles on them and a hot water bottle cover” because that’s what she’s getting.

Message to WordPress.com–QUIT CHANGING THINGS!!  It is very, very confusing to the old people.  It’s hard to cling to my illusion of being A Blogger when you send me reeling with all these curve balls.  I’ll go back to a manual typewriter and stamps, I will!

Or I’ll do this:  Embroider all my entries