“Duck bites” is what our friend Kevin’s little sister used to call goosebumps.  I find that insanely cute.  But Goosebumps is what my kids are watching on TV of late. Because Halloween was coming up, Nickelodeon has been showing lots of Goosebumps.  It’s a Canadian-made live action adaptation of the R.L. Stine thrillers.  And it’s…bad.  The monsters appear to have been borrowed from the old Dr. Who props closet.  Which crew member has a monster suit?  Doug, you have a rubber clown mask?  Bob, you have a purple sparkly suit?  Done!  We have a monster!  Even when the latex is reasonably good, the monsters talk (oh, and they all talk. this is one yappy bunch of monsters.  It gets lonely in Saskatoon) without moving their mouths.

And the acting!  I’m thinking they all graduated from the Degrassi School For the Performing Arts.  This is what they get instead of Fame.  But oh, how the kids love it.  All three will watch it.  Ben likes the Goosebumps books, too, which is funny considering how little scaring he can stand.  But part of that mystery was erased by this blog I found.  Blogger Beware recaps the Goosebumps books is a…somewhat derogatory manner.  I thought at first it was to be a sad fan site, but in actuality it’s a funny fan site.  I found it pretty amusing and I’ve never read one of the books.  I imagine that people who read them and then grew past them will find it hilarious.  If you’re one of those people, give over a couple of hours.  But I cannot recommend the Goosebumps show unless you’re pretty stoned.  Or 8.  But not both.