As I went to check out at JoAnn Fabrics today, I heard the Maynard running the register telling another clerk that he had “this respect for the era” of the 80s and that was how he knew all the songs on the intercom.  So I was already giddy with the urge to slap somebody. Then he tosses to his colleague, “Hey, do you know what the first song played on MTV was?”  duh.  I had to ring in with “Video Killed the Radio Star by the Buggles.”  He was unduly awed and I said, “Well, I DID graduate high school in ’85.”  He  kind of laughed and said, “I wasn’t even BORN in ’85!”  Are there no child labor laws in this state?  Sheesh.  He also confessed to enjoying “the old classic” version of Trivial Pursuit.  “But those are HARD!”  I gave him the invaluable tip, “when in doubt, guess Madonna.”  I tip I figured out in ’84.  Several years before he was born.