The irony is that when I’m really busy, I don’t have time to write about what might be interesting…So I’ll take a few moments to share photos from a couple of weeks ago.  Aunt Carolyn and Uncle Ralph came through Frederick on their way to Delaware and we took them to our favorite short hike trail.  It’s at Cunningham Falls State Park, and it’s just the perfect hike for little kids.  Enough rock climbing and steep hill scaling that they feel like real hikers, but simple enough that they can do it.  And, you know, so can I.

Lily was very proud when she was able to scale the rocks:

Yeah, they’re all kinda lame.  See this uncle I have?  Uncle Ralph?  He’s a photographer and he had his camera…so when he sends me some of those photos (hint. hint.) I’ll post them and they’ll be beautiful.