…in case you had noted that the 15th anniversary is the Crystal Anniversary and you were thinking of buying me a vase or wine goblets.  Or Crystal Lite.  Yes, fifteen years ago today, Steve and I got married.  I woke up at my parents’ house and went to Captain John’s for a yummy breakfast.  We’d had the rehersal dinner at Boondocks for crabs the night before–you had to be 21 to go into Sambo’s, so that was out, even though it makes a better name to tell people.  From breakfast, we headed over to the Maple Dale Country Club for a rehersal.  I was bustling around, getting people in their places when we got the call that Steve was still at the restaurant with Kevin, the best man.  No one had taken them to the Club.  In my mind, I imagine receiving this call on my cell phone.  But that clearly did not happen.  It must have come via Western Union or something.  But anyway, you don’t REALLY need the groom for the rehersal, right?  So one of my friend read Steve’s lines and we soldiered on.  Greg went to get Steve and Kevin (hey Greg Saltis, where are you?) and I briefed them.  Then we hustled about placing mums and arranging a backdrop and telling the country club staff where to put the tables.  In the end, I didn’t even have time to take a shower before the wedding.  I got my hair done and picked up my dress.  Stacey drove me back to the country club (while praying mantises poured out from under the hood of her car.  hello?) and I had just enough time to get dressed before the wedding.  Steve was there too, apparently.  He says that he was all alone in the men’s locker room and no one came to talk to him. Aww.  The wedding itself was pretty speedy, on to the food and beer!  We stayed until the end, went to the Sheraton to sleep.  Next morning, brunch with all the out-of-towners, and then off to Tenerife and back to Germany for another year.

On the one hand, if feels like yesterday.  And on the other hand, it feels like another lifetime ago.

Why yes, my dress IS beautiful.  My mom made it.  I helped by bossing her around and making all those flowers around the neck.  My head piece is a flower wreath from the Maryland Renaissance Festival.  I’d been writing my thesis there, so I had my pick.  Yes, the cake is also lovely and the flowers are edible b/c I do not cotton to things on cakes that you cannot eat.  Oh, and by the way, it was made by Carol Neulander. And better?  Fred Neulander blessed our marriage.  But so far so good, so thanks Fred!