Lily’s birthday time!  It really was very inconvenient of her to be born during the fair.  It was the only time I didn’t get to go.  AND she made us miss the Soprano’s season premiere.   Babies.  Hmpf.

So Lily turned six on Monday, had her party on Sunday.  Birthday parties are such smooth sailing now.  Nearly 12 years of experience was all it took.  When they arrived, I set them to decorating bags for holding their crafts and pinata candy.

Then a bit of classic fun with the drop-the-clothespins-into -a-mason-jar game.  They really enjoyed it, which was nice to see.  I wasn’t sure they’d find it fun, but they did;

Then cake!  Lily wanted a heart cake.  You know that I normally would carve a heart shape out of cake and it would be a Big Deal.  But she’d said she wanted M&Ms on it, so I decided to just make a heart out of the candies.  And yes, it looks like a color-blindness test.  But it was yummy.   Strawberry cake from scratch–even used whole wheat flour and it came out really well.  Frosting is cream cheese frosting One of the girls said, “I like homemade cakes the best.  The ones from the store taste too…store-y.” .  Stupid natural food colorings create rather fleshy tones, though…

Presents are next, obviously.  All the guests brought cards they’d made themselves.  Isnt’ that sweet?  And Lily actually paid attention to them, which was also nice.

We had to include the unicorn pinata.  I’ve dragged this thing up from the basement for nearly every birthday since Julianna was 5.  Well, I did continue to make specialized ones until Lily was old enough for a party…then I stopped.  Poor Lily.

Not as much fun as the sort you bash open.  But still full of candy.

Next morning, her real birthday, she got her gifts from us and I took her out of school in the afternoon to go to the fair.  AND we went to the fair for dinner and got her the birthday funnel cake.  As you must.