Ah, my favorite time of year, the Frederick County Fair, or, as it’s actually and amusingly called, The Great Frederick Fair, Inc.  I went to high school with a guy named Frederick Fair and I always wish I could send him the sign from th entrance.  Who wouldn’t want that?  Today, I took in my preserved food to be judged and found superior.  Entered green beans (thanks for the canner, Andi!), watermelon pickles (I cracked the nice old fair ladies up with my story of the expensive watermelon), sweet pickles, pickled jalepenos, and salsa.  On Saturday, i took in 4 photographs for judging.  As did everyone else in the county to judge from the wall.  Holy Moly.  Julianna entered 4 photos in the 4-H judging and got blue ribbons for every one!  AND she got a blue ribbon for the club book she had to submit as club Historian.  She did a great job but declared that scrapbooking is not her thing.

Fair opens this weekend.  I won’t likely get to enter baked goods or candy b/c those have to go in on Saturday and we are booked SOLID that day.    So inferior chefs get a pass this year.  Enjoy it, losers.  Next week:  Fair every day.  Fair FOOD everyday.  I’ll keep you posted.