So I was looking at my “Dashboard” here on WordPress.  A pretty groovy feature, I must say.  It tells me which posts get the most hits (the ones about kindergarten art) and what search terms people are using “to find your blog.”  I put that in quotes b/c that’s what it says, but I highly suspect that the people using these search terms were NOT pleased to find my tie dyed feet and updates on Ukraian recipes.  So, if you got here by searching for (and I shall try to mess these up enough that they don’t draw MORE of this…suspect crowd), “men j@ck1ng 0ff” (and god help me, either there were 6 of you or one of you tried 6 times and still ended up here) or “pokemon @$$h0le” (seriously?  what did you HOPE to find?)  I am sorry that you will not (oh I hope) find release here at Squid Ink.  Please move along and then go wash your hands.  And to the person who got here while searching “Cartoon mom kids, ” I’m oddly flattered.