WARNING: Tash, you may want to look away for the first part of this post.

All good tidings to Imaginary Claire who persisted about the wonders of her metal straws from 7-11.  All I could think was “cleaning a straw?  I don’t think so.”  But she had not pointed out that they were colored aluminum!  Any who have seen my kitchen know that I harbor an obsession affection for colored aluminum.  So I scampered out and bought 12.  Because I needed a bouquet of them.  Behold:

And yes, my hydrangeas are insanely lovely and plentiful this year.

In other news, Steve and I went to see The Dark Knight last night.  Better titled “The Long Dark Knight of the Soul.”  Lord, that thing made “Ghandi” look like a comic short.  It was too long.  A whole character and sub-plot (Sorry, Chinese dude, I’m looking at you) could have been removed with nothing lost but a couple of over-the-top stunts.  It was big and ‘splody but really not all that great.  I didn’t hate it, or even actively dislike it, but it was getting such raves that I was expecting brilliance.  I wasn’t as wowed by Heath “Dead Guy” Ledger’s portrayal of The Joker as Steve was.  I found him kind of irritating.  Christian Bale, when he is growling out his Batman lines, looks like he has an extra set of teeth in his mouth.  Maggie Gyllenhaal, who is 30, looks 45.  And like she stepped out of 1940.  She’s beautiful, but looks like she should be playing someone in a Dorthea Lange photo.  The chap playing Harvey Dent is named Aaron Eckhart, which is relavant b/c he looks like Harry Hamlin who played Aaron Eckels on Veronica Mars.  And his chin is too big and has a butt.  The best part of the movie for me (aside from getting to punch Steve for a silver VW bug in a street scene), was that Nestor Carbonell plays the mayor, so Batman and Batmanuel were in the same movie. Which is awesome.  And it got me to IMDB to relive this classic Batmanuel quote: “‘Alone’ is a pathetic predicament.  ‘Lone’ is an aesthetic choice.”