We had a guest stay over Friday night.  Lily found this little guy at our front door, unable to reach the doorbell:


baby vole, I thinkI think it’s a baby vole…but it could be a Japanese robot pet.  The eye-to-head and head-to-body ratio is a bit ridiculous.  Anyway, it was small and possibly wounded (couldn’t see anything, but it was likely dropped by a bored cat, which would suggest internal injury), so I figured we could at least give it a warm dry place to die.  Put it in a mouse tank with food, water, and a hidey hole, and went to bed.  Morning came and it was still with us, chipper and zippy.  I let her (Julianna named it Amelia) stay with us until nightfall, brought the cats in, and then let her go in the bushes.  And when the next dead vole shows up in the living room floor (thanks, kitties!), we’ll just assume it’s one with no name.  Amelia went on to eat someone else’s garden and lived to a ripe old age.