The Fourth is one of the few holidays that I don’t resent.  I feel no pressure to do anything in particular and I LIKE fireworks, so I don’t mind that part.  There’s no tradition I have to follow, no food we must serve.  Just a day with no mail and loud noises.  Ah.

We’re planning to take the kids to see the DC fireworks tonight.  The weather is actually bearable which is nearly unheard of for July 4th.  Traditionally, it is 103 degrees with 99% humidity, culminating in a thunderstorm just as the fireworks are supposed to start.  So we haven’t seen the DC works since before we had kids.  They are amazing, though, and Lily’s nearly 6, so I think we can do it.  We’re going to attempt going to Teddy Roosevelt island…wish us luck…

ETA: I just read that TR Island link…”Analostan”?  Really?  Asshole of the Islamic world?