I’ve waxed rhapsodic about the lake before, but I’ll throw in another plug.  It’s a lovely, man-made lake with clear-ish water and a sandy bottom.  We like to meet friends there in the early evening and stay until sunset (usually in the 8-8:30 range).  The moms all sit on the shoreline in their beach chairs, toes being nibbled by the wee fishies.  The kids cavort like otters and try to catch the fish–always in vain.  I’ve been dragging kids to the lake at least once a week since Julianna’s first summer.

Julianna at the lake

Okay, that’s her second summer, but still. Tushie!

I have scrapbook page after scrapbook page with the same background and progressively more  and larger children.  So I’m sure that The Lake will figure prominently in their memories of Frederick summers.  Ah, but yesterday will get a special place.  For yesterday was The Day Tori Found a Five Dollar Bill.  They were swimming around and Tori stepped on something oogy.  She convinced Julianna to dive down and see what it was.  It was a fiver.  Since the finding was a group effort, and since there were five kids, Tori proposed that they go to the camp store and each buy something for one dollar.   Chris and I, who are Cool Moms, relented.  We reminded them about sales tax, told Julianna and Tori to help the smaller ones, and sent them off.  They returned sugar-laden and triumphant, with 16 cents to spare.  Such a small thing, but you know it will be legendary.  The Day Tori Found a Five Dollar Bill.